Stanley IT


Stanley ND IT will provide the best possible support for all your IT needs at a fraction of "chain technology store" service department costs, without the trip 50 or more miles to another city.  We are a local business and believe that the best service we can provide not only helps you and your business, but the community itself.

Computer and IT problem solvers


Virus and Malware Removal
Personal/Small Business Website Development
Hate Windows 10?  We can roll you back!
Internet and Network Troubleshooting

Advice and Options:
Best Practices for Windows
Storage Options
Backup and Disaster Recovery
Home Routers
Upgrading Your Hardware
When to Get a New Computer

Printer Troubleshooting
Printer Recommendations
Network Printer Installation

Intermediate Hardware Troubleshooting -
With or Without Hardware Replacement

Web Browser Optimization
​Network/Ethernet Cables

Much, much more!
If we don't offer the services you require, I have a network of business associates who can! 
Geek On The Go  covers much more advanced topics and has incredible experience with the toughest of problems.